Shift believes it is through education and the sharing of knowledge that we are able to uplift our society to help shift us into a new state of consciousness based on self-empowerment, social development, unity, peace & sustainability. We believe that we all have valuable knowledge and experiences that should be shared with one another so that we may grow and build collectively for the greater good.


Social Development is a core focus of Shift and while essentially everything we do is geared towards development in one form or another, social development specifically focuses on the development, empowerment and unification of our society. We do this through  Events, gatherings and Community Outreach.


Our social development is largely focused on community outreach where we aim to educate our larger community on the societal benefits of mindful practice and its power to unite and empower communities.

We strongly believe in the education of our youth and future generation and have been working with Earth Child Project and other Organisations to educate the youth on how to empower themselves through becoming more aware and accepting of themselves.





Chloe Yoga 2

Full Moon Beach Meditations

Chloe teaching Yoga in Kayelitscha as part of her community outreach program.

Community Outreach in Kayelitscha


Corporate Wellness Programs

We are on a mission to co-create a mindful culture - Join us and spread the word! :)