Celebrate Life, Peace & Unity this upcoming Full Moon and join us for a mass Yoga & Meditation session on Camps Bay Beach 🙂

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Our vision is to grow with the eventual aim of raising the number of meditators in the Cape Town region to a record number.


We believe that mindful practices are an important aspect of our everyday lives as individuals and that by coming together once a month on every Full Moon, we get the opportunity to explore new ways in which we can be mindful and have a fun at the same time.




The venue for the Full Moon World Peace Beach Meditation will be held in Camps Bay at the beach front. For more information, please visit our Facebook events page HERE





We believe that if everyone regularly practices meditation or any type of mindful art, then they are bound to become more at peace with themselves and in tune with their lives. By becoming more peaceful and in tune with who we are, we empower society to become more peaceful and harmonious.



Please bare in mind that EVERYBODY is welcome and that everyone’s participation is as equal and as valuable as anyone else’s regardless of how familiar you are with the concept of meditation. JOIN US!


Thank you for being part of this journey with us, we are truly happy to have you here.


See you all there 🙂