Full Moon Beach Meditation: November 2015

We believe that a great way to Inspire Change is through the Co-Creation of Innovative and Creative Events that are Educational, Empowering & Fun!


  • To Co-Create a Sustainable & Peaceful Earth.

Ethos & Values

  • We believe that WE ALL EXIST for a reason.
  • We believe that WE ALL HAVE the fundamental right to Happiness, Health & Love.
  • We Believe that all Beings are as valuable as any other Beings on this Earth.
  • We believe that Individual Peace is key to achieving World Peace.
  • We believe in our Individual & Collective ability to co-create Positive, Meaningful & Powerful change within ourselves & our society.
  • We believe in taking Social Action to spread Love, Kindness, and Abundance in all Communities.
  • We believe in the power of Conscious & Collaborative Partnerships.
  • We believe in the Preservation, Conservation and Fundamental right for Nature of any kind to Thrive: This includes us, Humans.
  • We believe in LOVE.

Full Moon Beach Meditation: February 2015

We believe in the Power of Collaboration & Co-Creation.

We aspire to facilitate a link between the teachers and the learners of this world by organizing creative & interactive Events, Workshops & Festivals where all may come together to Share, Learn & Grow in a supported and conscious space.

Full Moon Beach Meditation Gathering: October 2015

Upcoming Gathering – January 2016

Full Moon: Transformation Meditation
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We are on a mission to co-create a mindful culture - Join us and spread the word! :)