Upcoming Gathering – October 2016

Full Moon Beach Meditation - Summer Connection
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Events & Gatherings have always been part of our society in many ways, shapes and forms.

Whether it be thousands of years ago or today, Community Gatherings have always been a powerful way to Co-Create change on a grand scale.

We aim to host various genres of Events ranging from Sustainable Initiatives & Workshops, To Public Community Outreach Programs, to Group Meditations.

We were Inspired to host Group Meditations on the beach in a Fun & Creative way.

One of our missions is to create awareness about meditation and its positive effects on individual growth as well as its possible applications to uplift communities all around the world.

Full Moon Meditation: October 2015

Full Moon Meditation - October 2015

Full Moon Meditation - October 2015

We are on a mission to co-create a mindful culture - Join us and spread the word! :)