I’m so bored of small talk, what I really want to know is, what do you believe in? Do you ever ask yourself why you are here? We can all agree it’s not to pick up a lousy pay cheque at the end of each month, for a salary that has been “spent” before it even reaches your bank account, on living a life you are too tired to enjoy, because of a job that drains you, but you are just not sure what other options there are, or can’t bear the thought of the effort required to make a change and start over.

What drives you and thrills your soul? What are you passionate about? Consider your life on a timeline, how much time do you spend pursuing these passions? When last did you get excited? I’m talking childlike, bouncing off walls, whooping with delight, uncontainable excitement, and what does that for you? A concert, an outdoor music festival, dating, a weekend away? *Cue groaning about lack of funds* Ok, so besides special occasions of ‘buying your happiness’, what excites you to your deepest core, and how often do you pursue it?

Time is a man-made construct though, there is no concept of time in the spiritual world. Your soul is patient because it knows it is eternal, but we humans are torn between wasting time or neglecting consideration for it.

I used to live with a constant underlying panic that I could die any day, like an hour glass leaking sand through the cracks, with a wall full of qualifications, and not a clue what my purpose was or how to find it. From my mid-20s, the cracks were spreading with questions like, ‘When are you going to settle down, get married and start a family?’, and ‘If you don’t like this job, what do you want to do?’

Did everyone else like their job? Seemed to me the status quo was to hover through life under the radar, moaning and escaping for comradery sakes. It was not unpleasant either, being surrounded by wonderful friends, buzzing social life, fun adventures, travel, it was great in fact! Wasn’t it? I used to live by the motto: ‘Work hard, play harder’, because that was the only way to cope from the stress of a job I hated, to make sure I was balancing the fun with the discomfort. Yet a quiet, niggling feeling ticked on incessantly reminding me something’s still missing, incomplete, a need that’s not being met. But we shush this voice, often disguised as our ‘over achieving gene’, you know that one that keeps us so busy, shoving endless activities into our day, because then ‘we were truly living’!

But that gene just doesn’t know when to stop pushing, nor knows the difference between busy and productive. Until suddenly Mercury is in retrograde and within three days your geyser, fridge, and laptop all pack up, and you realize you’re burning the candle at both ends, and it’s time to STOP before you get flung off the hamster wheel.

We need to stop pushing uphill, and let our soul drive us instead, steer us in the direction of what excites us, brings us passion, revs our happiness, and achieves our potential. Whether you believe in one life, or many, this is the one that counts for now. The resistance we are feeling, and that unquenched thirst is the alarm clock trying to catch our attention.

Gone are the days of the LBD, these days we wear Anxiety like a wardrobe staple, and ignore Depression by throwing pills and addictions at the problem, or even worse, Denial. Again I ask, what excites you, or even makes you happy? And why are you not doing that every day instead?!

Do you even realize your eyes are still closed? There is an entire spectrum you are not yet seeing. Every day we have the opportunity to reach unlimited potential in our lives, but we keep hitting snooze and decide to leave it for the next day, or the next, not realizing, that by choosing to stand still, we not only remain stuck, we are ignoring that yearning for more, we are letting our souls

down, every day. Your soul isn’t concerned with how you pay your bills; you are here for another reason.

Many of this generation were born Indigos, yet few even know what that means, let alone remember why they incarnated here. For those of us, this is our purpose, I’m shouting loud and clear, but you can’t hear me over the sound of those quick sand distractions falling through your hour glass, sucking you under because it’s easier to succumb. Open your eyes, Mother Nature is not happy, but we won’t listen to her either. Indigo or not, within each one of you lies a true warrior, who is not being the change we all want to see in this world because we are too full of fears to risk change. But trust me, even the smallest baby step in the right direction will get us “unstuck”. There is no failure in trying anything, the failure is in standing still.

Being a spiritual healer I wish to remind you, we aren’t the gifted few that you come to for healing, we are those who trigger within you, your own ability to heal yourself. You alone are accountable in the end; it’s time we heed our calling, so please listen, not to me, but to your soul.



Top Tips:

Live in the Present. Engage & appreciate all your senses.

Be Mindful, of yourself & others

Be Authentically you

Stop complaining and Be Grateful

Ensure your thoughts, beliefs, emotions & actions are all in alignment with your highest purpose

Be Kind, Loving & Compassionate to yourself and others

Forgive yourself & others & Release grudges

Nurture the right relationships, weed out the toxic ones

Question all behaviour-patterns and thought- patterns previously taken for granted. Why do you think/act a certain way, & does this still serve positive purpose for your current circumstances?

Never Stop Learning & Growing

Stop allowing distractions & escapisms to waste your precious time.

Once you quiet your mind and welcome the connection to your higher self you’ll find those voices you’ve been ignoring love you more than ever and are trying to give you a hand up out of the quick sand.

Love, light and blessings,



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