We tend to easily feel overwhelmed by this sense of ‘there’s nothing I can really do’ in the face of the unbalanced compromises which continue to create terrible environmental effects.

My lecturer once mentioned that I should stop worrying about the world’s problems and rather focus on instituting change within my own space. It took me a while to realise the power of that notion whilst enabling us to no longer carry unnecessary weight on our shoulders, and for once I felt like I could actually help, I could actually make a difference if only I focused on my own world.

This would entail the simple act of not littering, picking up random rubbish when it is suitable to do so and even giving a soft hoot to the car in front of you when they throw their cigarette buds out the window.

The importance is both the physical act and the intention of creating an endeavor / responsibility within yourself to keep your temple clean. This in turn will contribute to the collective consciousness which will then encourage the next member to take on this initiative on their own accord, wherever they find themselves in the world.

The idea that the contributory intention will reflect in your own reality will become more and more observable as time goes by.

It would be important to realise that not littering is but one facet of Environmental Sustainability among infinite possibilities depending on your own beautiful interpretation of what it means to nurture and protect the environment. Simply embracing nature, whilst for example going on a hike on the mountain or canoeing down the river is another as valid and significant act.

Choose your own initiative and whatever reflection of progress you see made in our world, know that you were a real and contributing aspect of it.



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