Did you know that our world now has the opportunity to: completely eradicate poverty, war and unnecessary suffering, to in turn create vast amounts of abundance and wealth for all?

We now have the technology and the conscious ability to live in prosperity and to create a world that does not require saving for future generations to come.

We, the generation of the 21st century now like never before in the history of humanity have the chance to achieve World Peace and Global Unity and to preserve this beautiful planet we share with all living beings.

To us, it clearly is not the will of the people to be in conflict with one another. After two consecutive world wars, we can now see and feel the vast array of destruction and misery that it brought with it.

World Peace and Unity can be achieved through many different methodologies and we believe that one of the most efficient ways to create total peace on earth is to ultimately create total peace within each one of us. One of the practical and conscious ways to create total peace within each of us is through the use and practice of meditation as a tool for contemplation and relaxation.



We are quickly approaching a time where our world is realizing and valuing the inherent unity that we all share with one another.

We are moving away from ideologies & Belief systems that promote the ideas of destruction and segregation.

We invite you to celebrate the unity we all share and to join us on our journey towards world peace by attending one of our free monthly Full Moon Meditation Events.

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